Welcome to “Letting Go” at Essence of Meditation.

“Letting Go” is a platform, a private space where we invite you to offload, let go and empty your mind of all your disturbing, repetitive, disruptive, non productive thought programs and patterns that are running through your mind, keeping you stuck, blocking you, distracting you and draining your energy.  They are obstacles that keep you from focusing and achieving your goals and dreams.  By focusing on your non productive and negative thoughts by repeatedly thinking of them, they accumulate and there is no space left to focus on what’s important, to have clarity and clear productive thinking to assist you in the natural flow of a fully functioning life.

So we are the space, the place to help you create the space for yourself, we are the space to empty your mind so it can be silent and peaceful and in that empty silent space in your mind comes the clarity to bring your goals and dreams into reality.

Let it go! Type in your thoughts below.

Disclaimer:  All communication with us is completely private and confidential.  Absolute confidentiality is assured.  All conversation, written or spoken is for the ear of Essence of Meditation only, where we listen and care.