Art of Intrinsic Meditation (AIM)

Our course is intended to expand your awareness with deeper meditation practice. You will learn additional techniques that will help you to continue enjoying meditative state of mind in daily activities with less or no efforts.

Essence of Meditation conduct only tailored courses to meet your specific need like personal and spiritual growth, mental & emotional health issues, and much more.

We will be holding your hand on every step of your journey towards health & wellbeing.


To discover intrinsic nature with greater depth and awareness to experience stillness, inner peace, mindfulness and inner-joy & happiness.

What do I learn

  • Life-style meditation
  • Wellbeing methods most suitable to your Life style.
  • Develop concentration with imagination and visualisation techniques
  • Balance – using sound energy & vibrations of Mantras (The Power words)
  • Journey to Serenity
  • Wellbeing methods for emotional balance & strength

How does it work

  • Handouts
  • Discussions
  • Practical sessions
  • Personal Assessment
  • Journal – Personal Meditation Records
  • Practice sessions

Learning outcomes

  • Higher Level of Relaxation
  • Greater awareness & understanding
  • Join missing links – to live mindfully
  • Ability to control own thoughts
  • Inner-peace & Happiness

Course Details

Total Duration:  8 weeks

6 Regular sessions and 2 Practice sessions, one per week

session duration up to 45 minutes each

Fees: $250.00

Please Note – fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Sessions can be rescheduled in event of any difficulties to attend.

Essence of Meditation conduct only tailored courses to meet your own needs.

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