Indian Head Massage

  • Are you suffering from sleeping problem?
  • Are stress, headaches, eyestrain, and tensions appearing to be familiar issues to you that cause imbalance in your life?
  • Do you work long hours at work

Indian Head massage will help you to experience deep level of relaxation, great relief and peace, enhancing health & well-being.

The concept of Massage is introduced in ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts referring back over 4,000 years as a method of strengthening muscles, firming the skin and boosting the body’s natural healing abilities.

Indian Head massage therapy is a technique that mainly works on relaxing the body areas like upper back, shoulders, hands, neck, scalp, face and head. It not only promotes deeper relaxation but the massage also encourages the flow of blood to the scalp, leading to higher levels of alertness, develops attentiveness and in some cases, promoting hair growth.

Massage can be performed when you are seated or lying on bed / therapeutic table. During massage you remain fully clothed. It is easy to perform and requires no extra equipment. Massage can be given without oils or creams.

Is Indian Head Massage for me?
Indeed, it is beneficial to all even if you don’t have any concerns, as it promotes health & well-being.
We highly recommend this massage to sports people, students, people who work in office atmosphere and specially those who spend maximum time with electronic devices like computers, televisions, games or else.

Indian Head massage is a brilliant method to bring natural glow on your face; also improved energy flow can leave you feeling peace and tranquility


up to 30 minutes : $40

up to 45 minutes : $ 50


* Upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and head only.

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