Crystal Massage

Crystal Massage is part of Crystal Therapy

Massaging with crystals combines two effects firstly the relaxing effect of crystal’s physical properties and secondly transmittal of the energies of appropriately chosen crystal for the purpose.

Crystal vibrations produced by the atomic structure of the crystals help self-healing and increase the level of harmony. Crystals have been known throughout history for their healing properties, with different crystals helping to heal different conditions. By combining the natural healing properties of the crystals with healing energy both are made more powerful. The best part of Crystal therapy is there are NO unwanted side effects.


In the first part of the session Deenanath will ask you few questions, listen carefully and understand any specific areas you would like help with regarding physical health, mind & emotional issues or life in general. Session will continue to flow scanning your Aura or Electro-magnetic field and Chakra balancing. Session can run from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes, as necessary. You will be advised if successive sessions are required.

This initial but most needed conversation will help selecting Crystals for the healing session that will bring benefits to your situations.

Meet your Crystals & Massage Preparation

Your comfort is most important – what makes Crystal Massage or Crystal Therapy successful is energy, intentions and purpose.

Fully clothed massage will be conducted, unless there is a need of Crystals being touched to your skin. Certainly it is most effective and beneficial when Crystal energy comes directly in contact with your skin (your energy body). In the circumstances where areas of your body are in need of special attention then on mutual understanding direct Crystal to skin massage will be applied and rest you remain fully covered.

Be comfortable:

  • Comfortable or loose clothing
  • No metal items on body like watch, bracelets, or jewellery
  • Bottle of water
  • Note pad and pen if you wish to take your notes during session


up to 30 minutes : $50

up to 60 minutes : $ 80

up to 90 minutes : $ 110


At special price you can buy Crystals, Aromatherapy sprays and blends during the session.

Please feel free to write us on if you have any queries before you attend your session. Thank you. Happy well-being session!

Crystals, children of Mother Earth are available on our Wellbeing Cleanik store

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