Combination Therapies

We also offer Combination Therapies, meaning simultaneous administration of two or more therapies featured in our services. This approach not only yields unique benefits of the therapies used but when used in a holistic way provide more effective experience and benefits to treat a given situation.

What is Reiki therapy

Reiki is an ancient and natural way of healing. It treats the physical body and the mind together. It helps to strengthen the body’s own healing ability & rebalances its energy.

Reiki helps to clear any blockages in the flow of ‘ki’ or ‘prana’ (the life-giving energy) that lead to illness and stress.

for more information on Reiki and benefits please visit  our section on Reiki

What is Chakra therapy

Chakra Meditation practice tunes energy centres in our body and mind to maintain balance of harmonal and neural system to nullify or minimise body’s instantaneous stress reaction.

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What is Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage will help you to experience deep level of relaxation, great relief and peace, enhancing health & well-being.

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  • Reiki + Crystals Energy – $80 / 60 min
  • Indian Head Massage + Reiki – $80 / 60 min
  • Holistic Life Coaching + Meditation – $ Please call or email at

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