Chakra Tarot Reading

Chakra Tarot Reading is an exclusive method based on reading one’s individual Chakras with the help of Chakra Tarot cards as an external tool.

Each Chakra is unique, has individual characteristics and a vibrant colour. There are seven primary Chaktas in our body, beautifully interwoven like seven colours of a rainbow.

Our life is likewise filled with various colours and shades. The physiological, psychological and spiritual effect of all our experiences in life is reflected on the Chakras which accordingly radiate different colours and shades in the form of an Aura

Chakras and Aura are associated with our energy body and also resonate with natural dormant energies in Crystal, a gift from mother Earth to her children.

You can lead a prosperous and beautiful life by taking due care of Chakras.

We can offer you further guidance on Chakra Meditation with combination of Crystals where necessary.


Chakra Tarot Reading period may vary from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes depending upon on much information your Chakras are willing to share and your willingness to explore your journey.

  • 15 Minutes session – $40
  • 30 Minutes session – $60
  • 45 Minutes session – $90
  • 60 Minutes session – $110

($ 50 extra to receive detailed report with guidance, solutions and suggested remedies)

About the report : It is a comprehensive written report on the status of your individual Chakra followed by guidance and solutions to synchronise your wellbeing at physical, mental and emotional level. Our guidance and solution will cover range of holistic remedies like Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Energic (Pranik)  Healing, Aroma Products and Chakra Balancing.


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