Chakra Meditation


Chakra Meditation practice tunes energy centres in our body and mind to maintain harmonious balance and coordination between body-mind-emotions. It greatly helps to balance of hormonal and neural system to nullify or minimise body’s instantaneous stress reaction.

Balancing our breathing is key activity on the journey of Chakra Meditation. This practice on a regular basis prepares our nervous system absorb stress inputs rather than prepare a response.

Chakra Meditation improves focus and concentration of mind to achieve calmness in adverse situations and enhances overall well-being.


Chakra Meditation – Beginners – $180 – Session time – 45 min ea / Total – 6 sessions

Chakra Meditation – Advance – $360 – Session time – 60 min ea / Total – 7 Sessions

  •  Advance Chakra Meditation course is available after successful completion of  Beginners course
  • Advance Chakra Meditation course will be designed after assessment of your energy centres (Chakras)


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