About Deenanath



Deenanath is a spiritual teacher based in Adelaide who provides meditation guidance, and alternative & holistic therapies.

Deenanath has been offering holistic life coaching to individuals, families, and business professionals since 1993, applying his knowledge & experiences. Universe has blessed Deenanath through many opportunities to learn from real life experiences and challenges at all levels. Under his Satguru’s (Master’s) guidance, since 1987, Deenanath is learning Kundalini Yog. He has developed Meditation-Energy therapy (ME therapy) that includes many simple meditation techniques & tools in combination of other modalities like crystals, colours, and reiki. His teachings are not aligned with any particular religion or sect.

Deenanath helps you experience the true nature of your inner self, to derive strength, inspiration, happiness and contentment from within. He is focused, innovative and inspiring.

Think and interpret life more positively and differently by connecting with Deenanath today.


Well-being Friend

Dip. in Crystal Therapy

Dip. in Colour Therapy

Dip. in Health & Nutrition 

Dip. in Reiki

Dip. in Life Coaching

Cert. in Aromatherapy