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Welcome & Namaste!

You are visiting, Essence of Meditation, a home of Joy, Happiness and Peace. We are confident that you will enjoy this visit and will continue your journey of discovering true self.

In our life, we dream and expect happiness and contentedness. Our regular efforts in direction of building harmonious life carry together many challenges.

Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing is exceptionally essential part in our life. The main opponents that affects comfort are misery, anxiety, tensions, anger, uneasiness and much more...

Life without opponents of comfort is nothing but paradise. We are aware that expecting life without distress is just a mere dream.

Dream can move towards reality by methodical coordination at Physical, Mental and Emotional levels. An important part is to realise the missing link that is connection with Inner-Self.

To re-establish that link, it requires regular practice and revision, which is an art of discovering true self.

Essence of Meditation can offer you collection of simple meditation methods and techniques. We assure you of unconditional pleasure and easiness in your journey of discovering true self with Essence of Meditation.

Lovely People’s Testimonials

I found session very relaxing and helpful, thank you :) - Lauren
I was very stressed because of everything from life-work, now feeling very relaxed. I am looking forward to understand more of Chakras from Deenanath, he is truly 'Chakra Guru'. - Deanna B
Everything was fully explained and helped me a lot to release my stress, thank you Deenanath - Peter W
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